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1-10 pers.

Spend a day with a Chef for a unforgettable culinary adventure into the very essence of Japanese cuisine

This experience allows you to discover the heart of Japanese cuisine (washoku), with accomplished chef Atsushi Nakahigashi. Devoted to sharing his culinary knowledge Nakahigashi will personally explain everything about Washoku, from the selection of the ingredients and their preparation to his unique philosophy and the proper way of enjoying the cuisine.



Guest Experience

  • Spend one day with a Chef, from selecting the ingredients to enjoying the meal
  • Nakahigashi will guide you through “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, Nishiki Market, with the eyes of a professional
  • Gain a deeper insight into washoku seasonal ingredients in Ohara to see the fields where Nakahigashi chooses his vegetables
  • Cooking class and degustation in the heart of Gion, privatized for the occasion
  • Degustation with your host at Kishin



About Atsushi Nagahigashi

An accomplished chef, Nakahigashi was born into a storied restaurant family in Kyoto. He began cooking professionally at the age of 12 at his father’s renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Soujiki Nakahigashi, one of the hardest to book in the city. At the age of 23 he moved to New York where he helped to launch the Michelin-starred Kajitsu, the only restaurant in the city that serves traditional Buddhist Shojin vegetarian cooking. Atsushi spent six years at Kajitsu, rising to the position of sous chef and general manager. Now back in Japan he helps create Japanese restaurants, promotes traditionally produced Japanese ingredients and is eager to spread his unique culinary knowledge to guests from all around the world.

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