Kyoto Heritage Hiking

Mt. Daimonji




All Year




3h / 7km


1-15 pers.

Enjoy the Greatest Panoramic View over Kyoto City

Come enjoy a journey to the mountains surrounding Kyoto, to discover the unexpected historical culture and rural landscape of Kyoto’s beautiful nature.

This hiking course is connecting heritage sites both as starting point and arrival ending point, then offer the participants a very efficient and valuable experience to discover and enjoy Kyoto within a limited time.

Each season provide its unique scenic beauty and highlight in a very distinctive way this historical ancient pilgrimage trail.

A good opportunity to escape the whir of the city center and immerse oneself in the beautiful yet quite unknown natural side of Kyoto.



Hiking Info

  • Difficulty : Short-Hiking / Easy
  • Duration : Half-Day with guide (Ascend: 2hour/ /Descend: 1hour)
  • Altitude : 466m
  • Tour type : Private , One group
  • Type of Shoes : sneakers



Special Features

  • The course start point and end point connect two very famous Heritage sites of Kyoto
  • Enable to enjoy the best panoramic view over Kyoto City from the top
  • Easy access from Kyoto City center
  • Tea Time at the top



Course Highlights

Nanzen-ji Temple
Nanzen-ji is known as one of the most well-known Rinzai zen sect temple in Japan. It is a famous location for beautiful Cherry blossoms and for visiting the historical Sanmon gate and hidden back side of Nanzenji. Meet with guide at the hotel and move by public transportation to get to this start point.

Mt. Daimonji (466m)
Mt Daimonji is part of the Higashiyama Mountain Range and is the most symbolic mountain in Kyoto. On the night of August, 16th which is the end of Obon season, the mountain lights up by a set of huge fire arranged to form Chinese characters facing toward the entire city of Kyoto. The event is called Gozan Okuribi. Daimonji holds the central position of this traditional event.

Ginkaku-ji Temple
Ginkaku-ji is known as the Silver Pavilion and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This Rinzai Zen temple located in north-east of Kyoto is best known for its stone gardens (the Sea of Silver Sand built to reflect the moon) and aesthetic buildings. From here, you can also enjoy afterward the Philosophers Path, about 2km long, full of cherry blossoms during the spring.

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