Mt. Fuji




July - Sept.




2 days


1-10 pers.

Follow the footsteps of generations of pilgrims to the top of Japan's highest peak

In Japan, it is believed that mountains themselves are gods, and Mount Fuji is the most revered and sacred of them all. Anyone who has ever witnessed the sun set and rise from its peak will understand why it is Japan’s most iconic symbol.

From its burned flanks to its summit and 500-meter diameter crater, experience a tailor-made private trekking tour and a one in a lifetime encounter.



Tour Unique Features

  • Climb from Fujinomiya trail’s 5th station, for the shorter route up to the summit.
  • Tabikyo guarantee the best route according to weather condition and crowds.
  • Climb with a 10 year veteran professional Fuji nature guide.
  • Reach Kengamine (3776m) the highest point in Japan.
  • Admire the rising sun emerging above the sea of clouds from the summit, a sacred moment the Japanese call Goraiko.
  • Descend the mountain away from the crowds on the Prince route and walk thorough the Hoei crater.




Day 1・Fujinomiya Trail & Sunset
Start at, 2400 meter above sea level and the start of the Fujinomiya trail, which connects directly to Mt. Fuji’s main Shrine, Sengen Taisha. As the landscape changes and the trail becomes steeper, beautiful views of the Sugura Bay spread out below the mountain. After passing through the Torii shrine gate at the 8th station, you step into the property of the god of Mt.Fuji. Now it’s time to rest for a few hours at a mountain lodge to get ready for the final part of the ascent, or alternatively, you may choose to continue directly to the top to enjoy the sunset without the crowds!

Day 2・Sunrise & Hoei Crater
If you choose to see the sunrise, you will wake up in the middle of the night and continue the ascent. The sun will rise above the clouds in the early morning and you will arrive at the summit in time to admire it. You’ll visit the Sengen shrine, the end of the trail, and will have a glimpse of the crater on the summit, the highest point in Japan (3776m). For the descent you will follow a path different from the other climbers, the less crowded “Prince path”, and walk through the Hoei crater, formed in Mt. Fuji’s last eruption, 300 years ago.

This route has been tailor made by guides with 10 years of professional climbing experience in order to ensure the best possible journey. Whether you choose to witness the sunset or the sunrise, we’re sure you will cherish the memory of your Mt. Fuji journey.

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