Kyoto Heritage Hiking

Takao - Kiyotaki




All Year




8h / 11.4km


1-15 pers.

Cedar Forest, Colored Leaves & Crystal Water Hiking Realm

Come enjoy a journey to the mountains surrounding Kyoto, to discover the unexpected historical culture and rural landscape of Kyoto’s beautiful nature.

This hiking course is connecting heritage sites both as starting point and arrival ending point, then offer the participants a very efficient and valuable experience to discover and enjoy Kyoto within a limited time.

Each season provide its unique scenic beauty and highlight in a very distinctive way this historical ancient pilgrimage trail.

A good opportunity to escape the whir of the city center and immerse oneself in the beautiful yet quite unknown natural side of Kyoto.



Hiking Info

  • Difficulty : River side Walking  / Easy / Flat trail
  • Duration : full-day with a hiking guide (8hours)
  • Altitude : 197m
  • Tour type : Private , One group
  • Type of Shoes : sneakers



Special Features

  • An hour’s ride away from the city center by bus, Takao is known for its fireflies and gorgeous autumn foliage
  • Historical temples and river side walking, it is the perfect day trip outside of the more bustling central Kyoto
  • Lunch and rest along the river
  • Tea Time at the top



Course Highlights

Jingo-ji Temple
Jingo-ji is a Shingon Buddhist temple , an hour’s ride away from the city proper by bus, located in northwestern Kyoto and rural mountainside. One of the more fun activities at Jingo-ji is flinging a ceramic yaku-yōke plate from the cliff into the mountain valley below to ward off misfortune. Jingo-ji and surrounding temples offer a great, nature-filled escape from the more crowded city center.

Kiyotaki River
Easily walk along the river bank while taking in the lush natural beauty of the riverside scenery. Stop and camp for Lunch time while enjoying the refreshing sound of the river flow. Just relax and enjoy the nature sounds.

JR Hozukyo station via Arashiyama
Connect by train to Arashiyama, which is a popular touristic destination.  Here you can enjoy a marvelous bamboo forest and the World Heritage of Tenryuji temple.

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