Kyoto Heritage Hiking

Mt. Atago




March - Nov.




8h / 11.6km


1-15 pers.

Enjoy a Pilgrimage Hiking to the Sacred Atago Shrine at the Top

Come enjoy a journey to the mountains surrounding Kyoto, to discover the unexpected historical culture and rural landscape of Kyoto’s beautiful nature.

This hiking course is connecting heritage sites both as starting point and arrival ending point, then offer the participants a very efficient and valuable experience to discover and enjoy Kyoto within a limited time.

Each season provide its unique scenic beauty and highlight in a very distinctive way this historical ancient pilgrimage trail.

A good opportunity to escape the whir of the city center and immerse oneself in the beautiful yet quite unknown natural side of Kyoto.



Hiking Info

  • Difficulty : Mountain Hiking / Long
  • Duration : full-day with a hiking guide (8hours)
  • Altitude : 924m
  • Tour type : Private , One group
  • Type of Shoes : hiking shoes



Special Features

  • Get in touch with the culture of an authentic Japanese asceticism mountain
  • Walk through an important pilgrimage route of Kyoto
  • Walk through the village of unique yuzu citrus on the way back.
  • Lunch box & Tea Time on the trail



Course Highlights

Kiyotaki Bus Stop
Move to Arashiyama by train and transfer to the Kiyotaki Bus stop which is the starting point of the hiking. Enjoy the spot of colored leaves

Mt Atago (924m)
Mt Atago is the highest peak of the mountain range surrounding Kyoto City, followed by Mt. Hiei. It has been a religious mountain from ancient times and the Atago Shrine situated on its top is the head of all Atago shrines across the country which are dedicated to an important Shinto deity.

The mountain is open through the year, but there is a lot of snow in winter. It takes about five hours to go up and come down. Sport shoes and back pack with snacks, a bottle of water, and clothes for layering are all you need for climbing in summer. This is not only a hiking course but also a meaningful pilgrimage walking, similar to those of Kyoto ancient times.

JR Hozukyo station
After get-off the train at the JR Hozukyo station , the hiking trail starts from the station and you can see some beautiful nature landscapes throughout the year. Hiking up to the Mizuo village direction, which is known as a town of Yuzu for their excellent local produce of Yuzu citrus.

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