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Discover the world of the tea ceremony in the land it was born

The tea ceremony is about sharpening one’s gaze, clearing one’s mind of what is not needed and marveling at all that nature and the present moment can offer.

With a history of more than 450 years, the tea ceremony has become a must-see experience not to be missed in Japan. But this is only one aspect of Sadô, or the way of tea, closer to an art of living than a coded ritual reserved for the initiated.

It is in this more open perspective that you will discover this practice with a master who has devoted himself fully to Sadô  for more than ten years. A few steps from the historic center of tea culture, Daitokuji temple, your host will introduce you to the refined taste of matcha.

Experience a moment of conviviality and privileged tranquility, far from rigidity and the whir of the city.



Guest Experience

  • Tabikyo is the only travel agency working with this master for this exclusive premium experience.
  • A unique meeting with a tea master at his home, a traditional house a few steps away from Daitokuji Temple.
  • Discover the tea ceremony as a living practice, where everyday life and art complement each other.
  • Private tour of Daitokuji with your host for an introduction to the path of tea in the very place it was born.
  • Discover the contemporary aspect of the practice and its simplicity and conviviality.




  • Introduction to tea culture with your host at Daitokuji, the very place it was born (0.5h-1h30).
  • Tea ceremony and discussion (approximately 1h-1h30)

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