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Seto Inland Sea


3 days


1-10 pers.

An exploratory journey within the Seto Inland Sea, featuring artistic, cultural & historical perspectives

Explore the wonderful islands of the Seto Naikai (Seto Inland Sea), famous over the world for their contemporary artworks along with their laid back rural atmosphere full of charm, under the guidance of Sai, a young talented Japanese artist from Kyoto, who will share his knowledge and artistic experience towards the modern artworks of Seto Islands, but also their history and cultural identity.

A brand-new way to discover and enjoy unparalleled pieces of art and astounding scenic landscapes, through the guidance of a real Japanese Artist, more than eager to share with his companions of journey his knowledge of the Seto Inland Sea and his artistic sensibility.



Exclusive Experience

This unique journey will focus and both the bright side and the dark / hidden side of Seto Inland Sea.

Thanks to the internationally acclaimed Triennale Setouchi Art Festival, the eastern islands around Naoshima have become known as a modern art destination with several excellent museums on Naoshima, Inujima and Teshima for instance. However, few travelers are aware of the rich cultural historical background of the Seto Inland Sea dating back to the feudal period, nor they know about the tragic fate of many of those islands during the Japanese economic boom of the 60s – 70s.

This journey will bring both travelers to some of the most rewarded and must-see places of the Seto Inland Sea as well as rather unknown places that “tell” the hidden story of how this beautiful area have evolved from the light to the shadow, to now reborn at the end to the light. A brand-new exploration into the treasures of the Seto Inland Sea, that will allow the involved travelers to discover the past and present identity of those scenic places, through their artistic, cultural and historical dimensions.



Special Features

  • Travel with the young talented artist SAI, for a unforgettable artistic and human experience
  • Fly over the Sea Inland Sea and discover your itinerary from the sky (Cessna Aircraft)
  • Enjoy three perspectives at once : Art x Culture x History
  • Deep investigation of Naoshima, Teshima, Inujima, Shinshoji and more…
  • Option : extend to the beautiful seaside of Oomishima and enjoy the Shimanami cycling path
  • 3-day journey
  • Private Guide available



About SAI

Being inspired by the unique Japanese sense of aesthetic in Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows”, I am deeply interested in the relationship between architecture, human perception and emotions.
Using the superficial perception of the five senses, I work with the vibration born between a place and the human emotions. I believe that we are more deeply touched by the sense of touch than by vision. The main motif of my installations is embossing human emotion in a touchable, material form.

My in situ installations are devices made recall emotions buried in the depths of human memory, through the five senses.
In other words, I’m aiming to recreate a space where the shadows touch one’s heartstrings.

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