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1-5 pers.

Experience the Refined Aesthetic of Kyo-Yuzen Engraving

Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku was established in 1938 as a Kyo-yuzen engraving specialist for custom-made Yuzen dyeing factory. In 1967, Takeshi Nishimura studied under Tomokichi Nishimura to master all the skills of Yuzen engraving, and started Yuzen engraving business.

Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku engraves paper patterns to make various traditional Japanese clothing and accessories. Depending on the method of dyeing or the usage of the clothing, sometimes it is necessary to make a few to several to hundreds of paper patterns for clothing. All the products are made with those patterns with care.

By using the skills of Yuzen Chokoku, Nishimura creates arts of Japanese traditional patterns, landscapes patterns, or portrays which inspires a feeling of “a warm heart”, ”comfort”, or “a heart of Japanese”. Now he is working on new style of production and sales to bring his works into our everyday life, and he wishes to create a special paper pattern, which somehow touches our hearts.



Guest Experience

  • Learn about the kimono history, culture, design and crafsmanshift directly from a master.
  • Enjoy an engraving workshop under the benevolent eye of M. Nishimura.
  • Experience a true experiment of the little known and yet essential art of paper pattern cutting.
  • Private transfer to the atelier.
  • Duration : around 2 hours.

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