Kimono Dyeing Private Workshop




All Year






1-10 pers.

Discover the subtle and raffined art of Kimono Dyeing with an authentic artist of Kyoto

I often take walks in nature with my sketchbook in hand.I use my sketches as a basis from which to create kimonos.

This is a unique private workshop with Kotaro Omura, one of the few remaining artist of Kimono dyeing in Kyoto still operating hand painting of patterns over the textile of the kimono garment.

In the process of sketching Kotaro Omura is at times moved and met with strong impressions that he record with his pencil and carry back with him. Later, these impressions develop in to the foundation of a works design, its appeal or attraction.

“Even if some time has passed these records allow me to recall and remember certain impressions. Once again I arrange these in my mind and start to think carefully about the most effective techniques within the framework of the artistic expression that is ‘dyeing’. I think about the intention and design of the work and slowly it starts to materialize and take shape. I then start the creation of the kimono.”

The work Kotaro Omura do takes an extraordinary amount of time, however in order to communicate something it is necessary for each stage of the process to have beauty, to be an idea in itself and to be carefully designed. The compiling and unifying of these processes is Omura’s work, which takes the form of a kimono.

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