Raku Chawan Pottery Experience




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1-10 pers.

Immerse yourself for half a day in the chanoyu culture with a Raku Master

Irregularities, cracks, roughness: Raku teabowls are the perfect expression of the harmonious synthesis between nature and technique.

Rakue is the fruit of an encounter between a potter and monk, an old pottery technique and the Zen philosophy emphasizing the beauty of simplicity and nature.

When Sen no Rikyu, the father of the tea ceremony as we know it today, met the potter Chojiro, he found an austere beauty which fitted perfectly the Zen ascetic practice. Born in 16th century Japan, Raku refers to a particular high-temperature pottery process (raku-yaki) and its hand-kneaded product: raku chawan, or raku teabowl, specially designed and used for the chanoyu, translated in the West as tea ceremony, but originally meaning nothing more than “hot water for tea”

As part of this experience guests are welcomed by a Raku master and will embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of Raku and Chanoyu tea practice, allowing them to experience how the legacy of Sen No Rikyu is preserved today in its original simplicity.



Guest Experience

  • Tabikyo is the only travel agency working with the kiln for this exclusive premium experience
  • The only kiln in Japan where you can witness the instant when an incandescent bowl leaves the kiln
  • A unique meeting with one of Japan’s best known Raku masters, for a deep insight into raku, tea, and Zen
  • Raku chawan kneading and cutting workshop assisted by the host
  • Your own unique bowl directly sent to your home address after the drying process (around one month)
  • Chanoyu tea ceremony held by the host

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This is an exclusive, 100% private experience. Please kindly fill out the contact form below for any inquiry about schedule availability, price and experience details and arrangements.