Kyoto Heritage Hiking

Mt. Inari




All Year




3h / 6km


1-15 pers.

Walk on the back trail of the Cultural Iconic Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine

Come enjoy a journey to the mountains surrounding Kyoto, to discover the unexpected historical culture and rural landscape of Kyoto’s beautiful nature.

This hiking course is connecting heritage sites both as starting point and arrival ending point, then offer the participants a very efficient and valuable experience to discover and enjoy Kyoto within a limited time.

Each season provide its unique scenic beauty and highlight in a very distinctive way this historical ancient pilgrimage trail.

A good opportunity to escape the whir of the city center and immerse oneself in the beautiful yet quite unknown natural side of Kyoto.



Hiking Info

  • Difficulty : Short-Hiking / Easy
  • Duration : Half-Day with guide (Ascend: 2hour/ /Descend: 1hour)
  • Altitude : 233m
  • Tour type : Private , One group
  • Type of Shoes : sneakers



Special Features

  • Visit the most popular part of the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine and Hike up back road to the top
  • Avoid crowds and walk through hidden bamboo trail
  • After the top, go & visit the Tofukuji temple which is a national treasure site with a stunning dry-stone garden
  • Tea Time at the top



Course Highlights

Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine
This shrine is famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates. Walk starts from the JR Inari station. The Torii gate lead into the wooded & sacred mountain Mt.Inari.  Probably one of the most memorable time for all visitors in Kyoto.

Mt. Inari (233m)
Located at the southern end of Higashiyama. After passing the most busy part of the Senbon-Torii, the guide will take you towards the quiet back trails. Walk through some private bamboo forest and feel the original atmosphere of Fushimi-Inari. After worship at the top , post your postcard from there and enjoy the view from the mountain top. Walk through the forest to Tofukuji temple in order to avoid extreme crowds.

Tofuku-ji Temple
This temple is known as one of the head temple of Rinzai zen temple and is a famous site of national treasure gate called Sanmon . Here, there is a famous zen rock garden Hojo while in Autumn people come all over Japan to see the colored autumn leaves from the Tsutenkyo bridge.  It provide a good connection from / to Kyoto station as well.

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