Land of Gods




All year




3-5 days


1-10 pers.

A journey to the land of gods, discover the heart of the Japanese spiritual world.

The Kii Peninsula is located south of Kyoto and Osaka. Including Mount Koya, the area is a sacred land and place of faith for many Japanese. A network of ancient pilgrimage routes called Kumano Kodo crisscross the sacred Kii Mountains. The routes are sister to The Camino De Santiago and a registered UNESCO world heritage site. This is one of Japan’s unique, mysterious and truly special lands which still continues to evoke a strong magic and charm.

The landscape of the Kumano is rich in beauty due to the changes of the four distinct seasons. With imposing mountains, crystal-clear waters and countless hot springs, the ancient pilgrims that walked this path would surely have believed they had beheld a paradise on earth.

On a special journey to Japan, this is a chance to escape the whir of the city and immerse oneself in the land of Gods, a place where the unchanged Japanese animism faith is deeply rooted.

Tranquil and relaxing, this journey uses the Kumano Sanzan (the three grand shrines) as a centre point, where three gods providing salvation from past, present and future are enshrined. Engage all the senses and absorb the essence of a spiritual culture that sustains the roots of Japan. A truly unforgettable experience exploring historical illusions and fantasies.



Special Features

  • Discover the birth place of Japanese spirituality in depth.
  • From Koya-san to the three grand Shrines of Kumano, guests will not miss any highlights.
  • Temple-stay experience including a shojin vegetarian dinner and an esoteric Buddhist goma fire ceremony and sutra chanting.
  • Hike on UNESCO world heritage site Kumano-kodo trail with a private guide.
  • Relax in a renowned mountain hot spring.
  • Immerse yourself in he breathtaking nature of the region while riding on a boat down the Kumano River.

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